“I was hesitating before buying the stationery distribution business that I had been looking for. Mr Last showed me that even though turnover was modest, the base of quality customers was a potential springboard to build sales. I bought the business, and have more than doubled turnover and have made our first net profit”

Derek Chile

“Having worked with Benny over many years in relation to the sale and purchase of businesses in different sectors across a number of different jurisdictions in UK, Europe and the Middle East, he always adds considerable value to clients by providing incisive analysis and advice which goes to the core of the business and it’s pricing. His experience, wisdom and commercial acumen, combined with his negotiation skills, add great comfort and protection to those he advises. He is always great fun, and good to work with……”

Partner | CMS | International Law Firm

“The restaurant looked perfect, as did the financials. Our only question was why would anyone sell a successful business like this? We asked Benny Last for advice, and within a very short time he pointed out that the Turnover was growing at a slightly faster rate than the net profit, which showed a slowing of the net profit margin. We asked the sellers about this, and they revealed that 2 competitors had recently opened nearby which necessitated a price reduction. Now we were able to make our decision based on the full picture.”

Alison Graves

“Benny saved us time and money. We sent all the documentation we received from the specialist toy manufacturing company straight to him. Within 24 hours, he responded, telling us that the largest customer (45% of sales) was related to one of the current Directors. He couldn’t tell us whether the customer would remain with new owners, but we weren’t prepared to take the risk, and we walked away.”

Dennis Albright