A dvice to Buy was founded by Benny Last and works to ensure that when buying (or selling) a business, the client has a clear understanding of what he or she may be facing. Businesses, particularly when they are looking to sell, may present historical figures and projections in a way that makes them look attractive. The team at Advice to Buy will help you analyse the figures in order to achieve a realistic understanding of the business.

With more than 35 years of experience in business purchases and sales, and as experienced business consultants with a proven track record, we will advise you on what questions to ask to ensure that the information you receive is complete, and that there will be no unwanted surprises once the transaction is complete.

Benny Last

Advice to Buy was founded after Benny saw too many potential purchasers make mistakes, that could have been avoided.


Benny was educated in London, England, and was awarded a BSc (Honours) degree from City University, London, in Banking and International Finance, and has worked in the business world ever since. In May 2023, Benny undertook an MIT course entitled: AI and implications for Business Strategy which he has now completed.

He was a co-owner of an Electronics Distribution company for many years, after which he joined a global Telecoms company as Director of Retail Operations. He eventually became CEO of their European businesses. Following that, Benny was an independent Strategic Business Consultant.

The common thread throughout the last 36 years has been his focus on the acquisition and sale of businesses. It is this expertise and experience that Benny brings to Advice to Buy, which can benefit many potential purchasers of existing businesses.